The ideal transport experience for your employees

Corporate bus commuting solutions that make your employees happier and more productive

Build a happier, more productive workforce
with the help of our employee transport solutions


No transfers and minimal walking to
stops. Give your employees more time
to rest before and after work.

Bus Usage

We use cutting edge routing technology to derive the optimal fleet size. No idle
buses, more savings.

with Ease

Our system provides greater visibility
into your bus operations. Gain more control over your resources.

Personalise Transport

We evaluate and plan employee transport by aggregating and understanding data

We work with you to design custom solutions tailored to your considerations and help you make the most informed decisions through our simulation tools

Empower Commutes

Employees can pre-book their rides or book on demand, giving them control and ownership of their work commute

We provide a full suite of integrated systems that ensure a high-quality commute experience for all your employees

Streamline Operations

Our operations interface allows you to monitor the movement of deployed vehicles in real-time, track and analyse ridership with ease

We coordinate with fleet operators on your behalf so that you don't have to

Success Stories

Large-scale Corporate Transport Deployment

Sembcorp Marine provides corporate transport for more than 1,000 employees across Singapore every day. The recent move of its corporate headquarters to a more remote location had compounded its transport situation. 

SWAT changed Sembcorp’s transport model from a shuttle service covering 9 train stops to 300 close-to-home pick-up locations for all of Sembcorp’s employees, while maintaining transport costs. 

Our workflow and algorithm also periodically re-optimize routes to ensure continued route efficiency even when there is employee turnover or changes to employees’ preferred pick-up locations.

Industrial Park Transport

SWAT is currently deploying close-to-home transport solutions for local and regional industrial parks. Industrial park tenants typically provide shuttles from the nearest train station or operate less efficient fixed routes.
Our transport management solution enables the “pooling” of transport across multiple companies with close-to-home pick up for employees. This helps companies save money from bus sharing while providing more convenient pick-up points for employees.

With SWAT’s passenger app and booking management systems, tenant’s are able to track and bill based on employee ridership, including the option of collecting co-payment from employees where needed. 

Overtime and Late Night Transport

For companies with employee transport requirements at odd hours, transport solutions can be expensive and onerous to plan. 

Our client, a major airport services provider with 24/7 operations, required significant administrative support to manage transport for its 7,000 employees. With SWAT’s solution, our client can now use on-demand route planning to automatically generate routes instead of manually planning them. In addition, SWAT’s comprehensive service reporting makes billing and accounting seamless - our client has reduced the time taken for reconciling taxi claims from weeks to days.

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