Release So far.

Hello you. This is the first post of SWATBiz release notes.

Hello! We're excited to connect with you and keep you up to date with the application's latest release and news.

Many apologies for the inconvenience caused during the move to the new SWATBiz application. If you haven't download the new app, be sure to download it now! (Apple, Google)

We've made many improvements and updates to the application since its launch and here are some of the features that were released so far.

Reviewing of your offer

Figure 1: Reviewing stops.

You can tap on the underlined, bold and black address (see step 1 of Figure 1) to review all the stops that was generated for your company.

Single trip

Figure 2: Single trip

The Single Trip feature was introduced earlier this year. This feature allow users without the Monthly Pass to book, as its name suggests, a single trip to or fro work. Additionally, it also allow existing Monthly Pass users to make ad-hoc changes to their daily commute plans. Booking a single trip will replace the existing ride automagically.